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About Us

Claire Bradbury


Power In Partnership is a Powerhouse for community learning within socially disadvantaged wards across Halton.  The first Powerhouse was opened on Alcock Street in Runcorn  Old Town.

We now have centres in;

  • RUNCORN – 3-5 Alcock Street, Old Town, Runcorn

  • RUNCORN – Grangeway Community Centre

  • WIDNES – 5 & 7 Queens Avenue

  • WIDNES – Youth Hub – 108a Royal Avenue


We believe that all young people have the potential to develop their own skills and talents.  We give encouragement, and provide a learning environment that helps them to study in a non-traditional community based setting, rather than using an academic, class based approach.

We believe that our learning model provides students with a flexible and laid back approach that is tailored around their individual needs.  We want to get away from the stigmatizing ‘NEET’ label and treat the young people not as failures, but as valuable members of society with skills to offer.


Power  in partnership Ltd take sustainability seriously 


In partnership with Riverside college PIP set targets yearly for innovative ways we can tackle sustainability issues together



Angela Whitehead

Business Manager/IQA

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